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Musical Mentors

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

The new "Musical Mentors" program started on Feb 15th, 2023 with Bernard, the director, having the older students share the experiences they had beginning their instruments. They then shared what has inspired them to keep motivated on their journey, building trust with these younger musicians.

The Musical Mentor program was created to help our older and advanced students have opportunities to serve others, develop leaderships skills, and help the younger students on their journey learning music. We are hopeful that the younger, beginner students will also thrive in this program as they learn from and lean on the advanced students for support.

Bernard expressed that he has never seen a program quite like this, only in Master degree programs. We are optimistic that it will have a long term impact on our programs and that our students will trhive as they learn from one another. We encourage parental support as we raise these musicians through opportunities to perform as well as grow together.

Funded by the California Arts Council Youth Mentorship Grant

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