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Carnegie hall: International Music Competition

In 2014 we announced our intentions to take our orchestras to Carnegie hall to compete in an international competition. Our orchestras auditioned for and were invited to perform on Carnegie hall stage and participate in this prestigious competition. We knew it would be a feat, but that it would be an opportunity of a lifetime.

During the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019, we prepared to represent California at Carnegie hall. Through the nonprofit, we fundraised for this opportunity. Several students received scholarships through the foundation to help them afford the trip. We also utilized funding to pay to get all of our instruments to New York (including our large basses and cellos which required their own plane tickets).

Finally, in April 2019, the exciting trip arrived! During our time there we worked with professional musicians and they helped us refine our impressive and difficult pieces of music. We then appeared on stage to give an unforgettable performance. This performance wowed the judges and we received the gold rating, winning the International competition.

We are truly grateful for our donors that made this competition possible. The children in our programs had incredible experiences performing at Carnegie hall, a great honor!

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