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Let's get all the strings together!

How awesome to be able to get all the string teachers and students together once a year! Temecula Children's Music Foundation is holding it's second All Vally Suzuki Concert on October 18th at 10am at Grace Presbyterian

Church in Temecula. The Suzuki Concert will include students currently in Suzuki books 1-5. Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass. This is a "Last Student Standing" type of concert where all students of a particular instrument will all come on stage and perform Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. They will then play one additional song from Book 1 followed by two from Book 2, two from book 3 and two from book 4. As students reach the limit of songs they know they will step off stage and sit down in the audience. Each instrument will end with the most advanced students performing the most advanced piece of music. Songs must all be memorized and a piano audio background will play behind each song. Young musicians from all over the TemeculaValley are invited to participate. The Temecula Conservatory Chamber Orchestra will perform at this event.



If you are interested in your child or your students performing in this concert please have them click on the following link and fill out the registration form. There is a $15 registration fee as part of this performance. You can pay this at the following link at If you have any questions please have your teacher contact Brad Bohn at


Thanks everyone!

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