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All Area Suzuki Concert

Friday, October 15th 7:00pm

Finally, an opportunity for all string teachers in the area to get together with their students and perform. Temecula Children's Music Foundation is hosting this first annual All Area Suzuki Concert as a way to bring the strings community together. It will give teachers the opportunity to network, meet and start working together.  It will give students the opportunity to play with other strings players as this annual event grows and grows from year to year. It also acts as a fund raiser for the orchestras of Temecula Conservatory of Music to help them go to Carnegie Hall in 2023. Temecula Conservatory of Music opened up it's orchestras to the community in 2020 for all string teachers to utilize as an organized orchestra system for their kids to become a part of. 

If you are interested in your child or your student to become a part of this performance please register above, download the information sheet below or call Brad Bohn at 951-710-4330. 

It's going to be amazing!

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